Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
14/32nd Australian Infantry Battalion

The 14/32nd Australian Infantry Battalion formed in September 1942 through the amalgamation of the 14th and 32nd Battalions. They first served in garrison roles in Australia, and then in New Guinea. They later deployed to New Britain to take part in the Australian campaign to contain the estimated 93,000 Japanese soldiers on the island.

The date of this service commemorates a three-day battle to remove a Japanese force from atop Bacon Hill, New Britain. Over the 3 days the 14/32nd faced steep slopes and intense machine gun fire but cleared the last Japanese soldier on 18 March. In the 14/32nd's first and last battle, the Australians lost 16 killed in action with a further 30 wounded.

The 14/32nd Battalion will be supported by students and staff of St. Michael's Grammar School at the service.

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