Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
A Ferris Bueller TV-sorozat kimondhatatlan igazsága

The Ferris Bueller TV series seemed destined to be a hit. Not only was it based off a classic movie, the show also starred a very famous "Friends" actor! So what went wrong?

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John Hughes wasn't involved | 0:00
The wrong writers | 1:09
Off-screen romance | 2:17
Hated by critics | 3:10
'Hulk' actor directed two episodes | 3:51
Richard Riehle didn't see the movie | 4:21
Inaccurate portrayal of high school | 5:11
Cast expected a second season | 6:10
Ami Dolenz didn't imitate Mia Sara | 6:55
Aniston channeled Jeannie's attitude | 7:52
Aniston doesn't want a reunion | 8:52
Schlatter became a superhero | 9:43

Voiceover By: Dexter Manning

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