Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
A legjobb romantikus kalandfilm 🎬 Kötelező / szenvedélyes film a reményről és a szerelemről

Best Romantic Adventure Film 🎬 Must-See / Passionate Movie About Hope and Love

"About Hope" is an emotional drama about the search for true love and the meaning of self-realization in the life of Thomas McKenzie. Throughout his life, the main character has been looking for the perfect girl, believing that he will find the answer to his questions and fullness of happiness in her. When Thomas meets two women who pique his interest, he begins to understand that the love we seek is not always the true love that makes us whole. Under the influence of various life circumstances and encounters, Thomas learns to appreciate and understand that true happiness avrorapal128 and self-realization come from self-knowledge and relationships with other people.

Romance / Drama / Comedy

Director - David D. Dietrich
Writer - Cyndi Monroe
Stars - Justin Ray, Christine Juarbe, Claire Bermingham

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