Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
a realistic day as an EXCHANGE STUDENT / USA VLOG american high school, basketball game, fitness,...

hi everyone!

Welcome to my realistic day as an exchange student in the US video. In this vlog you will see my casual day in american high school and how it works there. However this day was kinda special because we experienced a lockdown drill and were disecting frogs.

After the school I went to fitness, bake a cookies with my host mum and went to high school basketball game with my friends.

I hope you will enjoy the video!


Music by Brodie Love - Baby Birds - />Music by Brodie Love - Tall Glass Of Juice - />Music by Chinsaku - Never Explained - />Music by Chinsaku - Drifting - />Music by Ryan Little - Note to Self - />Music by ZARG - Curiosity - />Music by ZARG - Vacation -

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