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Arabic Play 2024 | Canadian School Bahrain

Arabic Play 2024 | Canadian School Bahrain

Our students put on quite the show for the CSB Family and we couldn’t be more proud! It was a unique and inspiring experience, as this play, Sultan’s Secret, succeeded in enhancing students’ self-confidence, developing their linguistic and communication skills in Arabic, and allowing them an opportunity to put their collaboration and responsibility skills to the test.

The audience was filled to the brim with family, friends, and classmates who engaged with great enthusiasm, enjoying the creative performance.

CSB students showcased the values ​​and principles set forth at the school and we look forward to many more opportunities to share their creativity in the performing arts! 🎭

كانت تجربة فريدة وملهمة، حيث نجحت هذه المسرحية في تعزيز ثقة الطلاب بأنفسهم وتطوير مهاراتهم اللغوية والتواصلية، كما نَمّت مهارات التعاون والمسؤولية.
تفاعل الجمهور بحماسة كبيرة مستمتعا بالعرض المبدع.
فخورون بآداء طلابنا الذي عكس قيمناومبادئنا.

About Canadian School Bahrain (CSB)

The Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) opened its doors in 2019, the Canadian School Bahrain is certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and is the first certified BC offshore school in the Kingdom of Bahrain. CSB is located in Diyar al Muharraq, offering a 21st-century curriculum with high academic standards. The school provides a unique education program teaching the British Columbia, Canada curriculum integrated with Bahraini Social Studies, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language.

The school currently offers Nursery to Grade 9 and caters to four different ranges of age groups.

Preschool ages: 3-5 years
Elementary School ages: 6-10 years
Middle School ages: 11-13 years
High School ages: 14-17 years

For more information visit - https://www.canadianschoolbh.com/ or Call at +973 66644234/ +973 1369 1111

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