Canadian Genre Movies Panel Discussion – CFF 2012

Canadian Genre Movies Panel Discussion - CFF 2012

Canadian Genre Movie Scene

A frank and candid discussion about the new wave of horror film directors in Canada. Why are so many emerging filmmakers turning to genre films (think: A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, SPLICE)? Why are audiences responding so well? The landscape of genre-filmmaking in Canada is in a state of flux so where is it going and where did it begin? What can filmmakers do to anticipate audiences desires? Join representatives from Anchor Bay entertainment, filmmakers and others in a panel discussion moderated by Warren P. Sonoda (TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL, SERVITUDE, UNRIVALED) for an enlightening look into the future of Canadian genre filmmaking.

Canadian Film Fest

Guests include:
George Mihalka (My Bloody Valentine, Lost Girl, The Child)

Casey Walker (A Little Bit Zombie)

Justin McConnell (The Collapsed, The Eternal, Skull World)

Wilson Da Silva (The Unleashed, Monster Butler)

Rob Herholz (Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada)
Susan Curran (Anchor Bay Entertainment Canada)

Moderated by Warren P Sonada (Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, Servitude, Cooper’s Christmas)

(videography by Milan Cobanov,