Data Recovery for Photographers: DiskDrill, EaseUS, Stellar, Recoverit Compared

After the great Western Digital MyBook Live debacle of 2021, many photographers have lost years worth of images. In this video, I compare four popular data recovery programs to see how easy they are to use and how well they recover the files on my brother-in-law’s formatted hard drive.

Ultimately, I found that I was able to recover a majority of the lost files with all of the programs. Stellar had a significantly harder time with Canon RAW files, and Wondershare Recoverit was slightly behind DiskDrill and EaseUS for recovering .MOV files, but I didn’t have the resources to determine how they compared when recovering JPGs.


0:00 Backstory
2:21 Ease of Use Tests
2:29 EaseUS
3:45 Wondershare
4:38 DiskDrill
6:13 Stellar
7:24 Ranking
7:59 Data Overview
9:02 JPG Findings
10:02 MP4 Findings
11:03 MOV Findings
13:50 DOCX Findings
14:31 MP3 Findings
15:02 RAW Findings
16:30 File Repair Options
17:01 Summary
18:53 Recommendation

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“Tricks” by BoxCat Games, courtesy of Monstercat.

“Sadbot” by PIXL, courtesy of Monstercat.

“Against the Wall” by BoxCat Games, courtesy of Monstercat.

“Conflict” by F.O.O.L., courtesy of Monstercat.

“Locke” by PYLOT, courtesy of Monstercat.