Deku Gets Lucky Being Born Quirkless because of All for One’s Doctor

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In the beginning of the series we saw Deku in a doctor’s office being told that he had no quirk, and eventually as the series went on we’d be greeted by the mysterious silhouette of a character who looked VERY similar to Deku’s doctor, working for All for One in the shadows. This was eventually revealed to be one and the same character, with Dr. Garaki being All for One’s righthand man and biggest enabler. Whether or not it was just a coincidence that THIS is the doctor that Deku went to, we know that The doctor was running clinics all over Japan where he would take people and turn them into the beings called Nomu, and it seems like he even did this to his grandson, a boy that Deku and Bakugo grew up with, so maybe Deku is lucky that he wasn’t born with a quirk because he would’ve been directly in this doctor’s sights. Many theorize that the opposite is true and Deku WAS BORN with a quirk, but somehow this doctor stole it, but there’s currently not much evidence for that yet.

Video Titles: Deku Gets Lucky Being Born Quirkless because of All for One’s Doctor

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