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Deploy Flutter Web to Server | Flutter Web Hosting | Flutter Web Deploy

You will learn how to host flutter web app in server. In this case we will use Linux server to host our web application. This is a partial tutorial of a flutter web development tutorial.
You will learn how to enable flutter web app and build it and deploy to a server. Flutter web deployment could be very daunting for beginners.
To deploy flutter web to server first you to build the app using the below command
flutter build web
Then it will generate flutter compiled file in the /build/web directory. We need to copy the files from build/web and put in the server web directory. You need to create a web directory and put the files there. In general your web directory would be the domain name for accessing it from outside world. To host fltuter web on domain, you need to serve a web server to the application using nodejs. There are other ways too. But in this tutorial we will focus on nodejs server.

For flutter web publish we will use nodejs helps to access our app from the outside world. This tutorial assumes you have a shared host or dedicated server. After hosting them we visit the flutter web app on url from the browser.

See the below link for the commands we need to follow to make it up and running

The idea is applicable for
nodejs server, linux server, centos server, localhost, aws server,

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