Electro Swing Mix – Best of 2021 💃🎩🕺🔥

The wait is over! Spring is finally here and along with it we serve you the “Best of Electro Swing Mix 2021” featuring your favorite tracks and artists of the past year. From Parov Stelar and Glen Gatsby to Minimatic and LVDS, this compilation is your invitation to dance the night away to classic Electro Swing bangers or simply relax to boombap-ish Swing Hop hits. It’s a big “Thank You” to all listeners, followers, artists, dancers, and musicians who have supported us throughout the year 2021. Enjoy 3 hours of the finest swinging beats curated and selected by our very own @wolfganglohr 🎷 📻 🙌 🎹 #ElectroSwing #MakeSwingGreatAgain #BestOf2021

👉 TRACKLIST: https://electroswingthing.com/Electro-Swing-Mix-Best-Of-2021

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