Thu. May 30th, 2024
England schools open: Boris Johnson gives UK Covid-19 update as pupils return to classrooms

Most of Britain's primary schools have reopened their doors this morning, whilesecondary school students will head back in stages to ensure Covid tests can be carried out. Three Covid tests will be conducted in school as a union boss says on-site testing facilities look like 'field hospitals'. At-home testing will be in place from then on.

Students will also need to wear masks in class for 'weeks'. But coronavirus tests - which involve swabs of the nose and throat - are voluntary and need parental consent, which is proving a struggle for teachers.

And mask critics, including parents and MPs, say the rules will impact students' learning. Ministers have vowed to revisit the face covering policy at the end of this month. Pictured: Children returning to school in Leeds (left) and Doncaster (right).

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