Wed. May 29th, 2024
How Much It Will Cost You To Open A Franchise In SA

Here's how much it will cost you to open your own chicken restaurant or
hamburger franchise in 2021 - Summary

McDonald’s - Between R4 to R6 Million.
Wimpy - Between R2,6 Million and R3,4 Million.
Nando's - R5,25 Million for a regular restaurant and R7,05 Million
for a drive-through.
KFC - More than R6 Million.
Chicken Licken - A whole store costs R4,8 Million , while one with a drive-through costs R6,8 Million.
Steers - Initial expenditure for a regular Steers will be at R1,7 Million (excluding VAT), while the drive through would cost R3,1 Million (excluding VAT).
RocoMamas - R4.96 Million total setup fee.

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