Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
How To Overcome EVERY Objection! [Insurance Agent Training]

Check out my LIVE training from day 2 of the 8% Nation Insurance Wealth Conference, where I teach about HOW to overcome every objection, the power of hypothetical questions in sales, & the "No Call Back" close.

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Who is Cody Askins?
Founder of 8% Nation, CEO of Cody Askins LLC, Co-Owner of Secure Agent Marketing, speaker, entrepreneur, and author of Zero To Six Figures, Creator of the Cody Askins YouTube Channel which has amassed over 80,000 subscribers… Cody Askins owns & operates a bunch of companies that generate TENS of MILLIONS in annual revenue. CA is also the founder of The 8% Movement & The 8% Nation Conference, the industry’s largest event for all insurance agents to attend.

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