Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
How to Recover Android Data After Factory Reset 2023 [With/Without Backup]

How to recover data after factory reset on Android even without backup? In this video, you will know the most efficient way on how to recover Android data after a factory reset.

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Factory reset is a useful way to fix many Android issues. However, losing data after a factory reset on your Android is something that is scary.
This video will show you recover data With/Without Backup, and introduce you the best Android data recovery tool to restore data after doing a factory reset with no backup.

00:00 Intro - How to recover data after doing a factory reset on Android
00:30 Recover Data after Factory Reset with Backup
00:54 Best tool to recover Android data after factory reset
1. Download&install AnyRecover. Hit Recover phone data, and enable USB debugging mode.
2. Connect your phone to your PC and hit allow on your phone.
3. Click on Start, next, click on Full Scan, and all your lost data will be visible
4. Select the data that you want to recover, and recover them to PC.

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