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How to Use VISA Gift Cards ONLINE When Your Visa Gift Card Isn't Working

Visa gift card not working? Visa gift card being decline? Visa Gift Cards are flexible. #Visagiftcards can be used online, in stores, in apps and over the phone at nearly every place that Visa debit and Visa credit cards are accepted. EXCEPT sometimes...they don't work. Though cashiers can often resolve in-person #giftcardissues and gift card declines, online transactions are different.

In this video, I'll share with you 8 reasons why Visa gift cards might not work online, how you can solve Visa gift card online declines, and my favorite Hack for using Visa Gift Cards online. #giftcardhack

Here are some spoiler alerts:

1. Visa Gift Cards must be activated (there are two types of activation)
2. Visa Gift Cards work better online if you register and add a name/address
3. Some Visa Gift Cards have a waiting period
4. Visa Gift Cards purchased in the United States must be used within the U.S.
5. Visa prohibits gift cards from being used on certain sites and apps
6. Visa Gift Cards may not work for recurring payments such as a subscription service
7. Visa Gift Cards may decline at restaurants, salons, food delivery apps and other places where the final transaction amount is not known when the card is pre-authorized
8. Visa Gift Cards will not work if the amount charged is greater than the card balance

In this video, I'll share how to get around (or at least understand) those common decline reasons and share my hack for using Visa Gift Cards online when the amount on your card is less than full amount of the transaction. Sometimes Visa Gift Cards are difficult to use online because most online shopping carts allow for only one debit or credit card to be used. Since Visa Gift Cards have to be entered in the bank card field, there's no way to complete the transaction with a second form of payment. But with my gift card hack, you can create a split-tender (or partial payment) transaction online. I do this all the time.

This hack is especially important though if you have a Visa eGift Card (Visa Virtual Account) that must be used online.

If you have any other gift card questions, leave them in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thanks for watching and Happy Gift Carding.

~ Shelley

Chapter Markers:
0:00 Best gift cards for teachers
0:42 What you'll learn about why Visa Gift Cards might not work online
1:00 #1 Visa Gift card activation
1:54 #2 Visa Gift Card registration
2:45 #3 Waiting period for Visa Gift Cards
3:15 #4 Visa Gift Cards in the US
3:30 #5 Where Visa prohibits gift card transactions
3:41 #6 Visa Gift Cards may not work for recurring payments
4:05 #7 Issues with Visa Gift Cards and tips
6:09 #8 You cannot overspend the value of a Visa Gift Card
6:52 Hack for using Visa Gift Cards Online

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