Hungarian Proverbs: Hit his footprint with a stick? [Hungarian Lesson]

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Today I introduce a pretty fun proverb to you, give you some cultural background on it, and even show a 16th century version of it too!
Have a good lesson!

For one on one lessons:

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro + apology
00:18 The difference between „proverb” and „idiom”
01:10 Today’s proverb
01:41 What does it mean?
02:06: „Bottal” and the –val, -vel suffixes
02:49 „Üthetik” and the –hat, -het suffixes
04:17 „A nyomát” breakdown
05:30 Cultural background
06:06 The proverb in the 16th century
07:11 Saying goodbye