Wed. May 29th, 2024
Institutions Are Buying A LOT of Bitcoin

Russell Star is the Head of Capital Markets at Defi & Valour. Zach Pandl is Managing Director of Research at Grayscale Investments. Brett Tejpaul is the Head of Coinbase Institutional. This conversation was recorded at Bitcoin Investor Day in New York. In this conversation, we talk about fee structures for bitcoin ETFs, institutional demand, business operations with price volatility, bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, industry still being retail driven, regulation across the world, asset selection, and product roadmaps.

In this podcast, we dive into the revolutionary concept of PropyKeys, an application that allows anyone to mint home addresses all over the world on blockchain. is a part of the Propy ecosystem, that has a grand mission to make homeownership more affordable and user friendly. We will explore the journey of Propy’s founder and how this innovative technology provides benefits for homeowners, and for the real estate industry. Join us as we discuss the Propy’s latest collaborations, including Coinbase, and its new fun project PropyKeys. X (Twitter): @PropyKeys
Website: Mint an address at dApp:

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