Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Is Drivesavers Data Recovery a Scam? You Won't Believe What This Customer Says.

Preying on people in turmoil by manipulating "perceived expertise" to justify 500% gouging over market price is a really shitty thing to do. Let's shine a light on this. There is no method to withdraw encrypted photos from modern iPhone hardware outside of getting the device to boot natively and decrypt the data. This is the strategy used by every professional data recovery and law enforcement agency across the world to retrieve iPhone data. Step one--make sure the parts are good.

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Jessa’s Equipment Links:

Our thermal camera recommendation:
Seek Compact Pro for Android
Seek Compact Pro for iOS
USB ammeter:
Bona fide MFI charging cables
Anker USB-C:

Recommended microscope:
Light ring for microscope:
Barlow lens:

My soldering station with standard iron:
Primary soldering tool--mini hot tweezers
Favorite tips for mini hot tweezer:
Favorite tip for standard iron: BC2

›Ultrasonic cleaning:
Crest iphone sized cleaner:
Branson EC cleaning fluid:

›Hot Air:
My hot air station: JBC TE-1QD not available on Amazon, $1500
Recommended station Quick :

›Small supplies:
My favorite tweezers--
My favorite flux:
My favorite solder:
Kapton tape:
My blue mat:
Cutting board I solder on:
Low melt alloy:
UV light:

›Diagnostic tools:
Tristar tester:
DC Power supply:
Multimeter: Fluke 115
Fine point tips for multimeter:
Freeze spray:

Storage Repair Case:
Christy’s Favorite for iPad Repair:
Jessa’s Favorite for iPhone Repair:
Large Size for iPhone Repair:

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