Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
Jan. Legal Recap: With another month behind us, we are STILL waiting for justice to come for Trump

The month of January began with Donald Trump endangering the safety of Maine Secretary of State Bellows because Secretary Bellows followed the Maine law and disqualified Trump from the Maine presidential primary ballot. And the month of January ended with a federal judge instructing the jurors in the second E. Jean Carroll defamation case to tell NO ONE that they served on a jury that held Trump accountable for his defamation of Ms. Carroll.

Inexplicably, our institutions of government are still striking the balance in favor of making everyone else - jurors, witnesses, judges and their staff, prosecutors and their family members - adjust their behavior instead of holding Trump accountable for his continued behavior of threatening, harassing, intimidating and endangering everyone who is involved in the endeavor of holding him accountable for his crimes and his civil wrongs. This is a system of justice turned on its head.

This video provides a brief recap on the legal stories for the month that was January 2024.

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