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Matt Diggity: WPX is the best WordPress hosting for SEO

Matt Diggity: WPX is the best WordPress hosting for SEO

Optimizing your website for SEO is a must and lies within the success of any online business. On the other hand, website speed is a key factor when talking about Core Web Vitals.

According to the expert and SEO specialist Matt Diggity, WPX has everything you need from a hosting service for the best SEO experience:

- our own technology allows insane speeds to your websites, helping them rank better.
- hassle-free and free-of-charge website migration within 24 hours done by real experts
- reliable support team that you can trust your website about everything
- many free features at a competitive price

Try WPX for yourself with DIGGITY90 and get a 90% discount on your first month.
See all WordPress hosting plans here: https://wpx.net/cart/wordpress-hosting/#step-0


🏆 The World's Fastest Hosting Support, according To Live Chat Inc.
🏆 The World's Fastest WordPress hosting, according to Kevin Ohashi’s Independent Testing
🏆 Best SEO Hosting, recommended by Matt Diggity

We were fed up with existing hosting companies' poor quality and service, so we created WPX in 2013 to fix the Web hosting business and fight its mediocrity.

WPX creates its product with the pure aim of empowering clients' own purposes. Whether their purpose is to bring about a big change in the world or achieve a small change in their personal lives, WPX supports them in doing so!
We inspire others to integrate change in the most important sphere to them.
Providing high-speed and reliable support, WPX allows clients to focus mainly on achieving their own goals.

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