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MUCK UP DAY | AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL VLOG! *final days of high school 2/3*

MUCK UP DAY | AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL VLOG! *final days of high school 2/3*

MUCK UP DAY | SCHOOL VLOG! final days of high school *dressing like disney characters*

Finally!! Here is the long awaited muck up day school vlog. This was filmed in October of 2020 - before exams, before ATARs came out, before the holidays - so a lot has changed since but this is so nice to look back on. I'm sure that I'll be back here in 20 years, to reminisce on these special last few days of school, spent with such wonderful people.

If you aren't from Australia, or just aren't familiar with what 'Muck up day' means, it is basically a day where year 12 students (seniors) go a lil crazy and pull a bunch of pranks at school. At McKinnon however, we do it a little differently - everyone dresses up in costumes that begin with the first letter of their first name or last name. It's amazing to see the effort that everyone puts into their costumes! I throughly enjoyed it. Also, I think muck up day is the equivalent of senior prank in the United States (someone from their, confirm this!)

I dressed up as Moana. In this video you'll also be seeing Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, Superman, Izzie Stevens from Grey's Anatomy, The Winx fairies, teen mums, Adam Sandler (from several movies), Zohan from Don't Mess With the Zohans, Pitbull (Mr.Worldwide), Magic Mike, Tiger King (Carol Baskin), an M&M, Mario and Luigi, Coco Pops cereal, Nerds lollies, tennis players and many more! Many of these costumes were disney inspired

Hope you enjoy! xx

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