Tue. May 28th, 2024
Online education and business continuity​ with Microsoft Teams for IT Admins

Microsoft Teams 365 for Education makes connecting virtually seamless for members of any school, college or university. This tutorial covers content for first time IT Administrators to get started enabling Microsoft Teams for online meetings of up to 250 attendees.

To create an online ad hoc Teams meeting, click on “Calendar,” and click on an open time. Then you can give your meeting a name and invite attendees simply by typing their names. You can also invite people external to your team or institution by using their email address. After you create the meeting, you’ll be given a join link that you can include in your email invite or send to invitees. Should you want to create a larger meeting, you can add an entire channel to the invite list and the entire team on that channel will be invited.

When a meeting is live, you have a wide variety of control functions at your disposal. For example, you can choose to turn your audio or video on or off, blur your background, send messages that populate to the “Meeting chat”, share your screen so attendees can see a presentation or an app, collaborate with Whiteboard, or even record the meeting.

In the Microsoft Teams 365 admin center, you can access the Microsoft Teams portal that allows you to manage everything within your organization. You create custom settings like allowing note sharing in meetings, allowing Whiteboard, etc.

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