Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Prince Ali German Subs+Trans

This is my favourite song from Aladdin and my favourite version. I love our German genie, especially when he imitates different accents (he does that twice in this song). Does anyone know what the girls are saying when I put "..." in? They seem to be very hard to understand in every language. xD I never noticed what they're actually talking about when I was a child. I was shocked, lol!
Pun: "scharf" means sharp when it refers to a knife, sword, whatever. But when a person's "scharf" it means attractive!

der/die Prinz(en) - prince(s)
der/die Star(s) - star(s) (famous person)
die Wüste(n) - desert(s)
nie - never
bekannt - known, famous
das/die Knie - knee(s)

I don't own this video, Aladdin belongs to Disney!

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