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Remember The Goal (2016) | Full Movie | Allee-Sutton Hethcoat | A Dave Christiano Film

A female coach (Allee-Sutton Hethcoat) fresh out of college takes over the cross country program at an all girls' Christian school and attempts to lead them to their first ever state title. As the runners begin to train, the top 5 girls all deal separately with particular issues relevant to teen life. As each of these stories unfold, so does the wisdom of the young coach as she guides the girls along the pathway of life.

Writer-Producer-Director: Dave Christiano
Cast: Allee Sutton-Hethcoat, Quinn Alexis, Lacy Hartselle, Margaret Tant, Jayla Palmer,
Sydney Marks, McKensie Miller

There is a follow up movie called THE PERFECT RACE -
and a 3rd movie in this series entitled ALWAYS A WINNER (coming to YouTube in 2024).

DVD, Blu-ray & Digital for all three of these movies are available at

The Christiano Brothers (Dave and Rich) have produced 21 movies to date. Most of these movies are on our Christian Movies YouTube Channel.

Movies produced and directed by Dave Christiano:
A Time To Dance - Coming to YouTube in 2025
Always A Winner -
The Perfect Race -
Power of the Air -
Remember The Goal -
Me & You, Us, Forever -
Late One Night -
Pamela's Prayer -
The Pretender -
Crime of the Age -
The Daylight Zone -

Movies produced and directed by Rich Christiano:
MindReader - Coming to YouTube in 2025
Play The Flute -
A Matter of Faith -
The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry -
Unidentified -
Time Changer -
End of the Harvest -
Second Glance -
The Appointment -

One co-production with another company:
Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea -

DVDs for these movies are available at Some of them are on available on Blu-ray & Digital also at There is more information on the feature films produced by the Christiano Brothers at

Dave Christiano produced a TV series entitled 7TH STREET THEATER. This is a drama series about five Christian actors who perform a weekly stage show for their community. There are 3 Seasons in the series and a total of 64 episodes. Season One has 24 episodes, Season Two has 20 and Season Three has 20. This series was produced by Dave Christiano. All of these episodes are on our Christian Movies YouTube channel with the listing of them all here -
Scroll down on the page until you see 7TH STREET THEATER | TV SERIES

There are also movie versions on our YouTube channel of episodes that are either two parts or four parts edited together. These movie versions are called:
The Letter (Full Movie) -
A Sudden Change (Full Movie) -
An Actor's Big Chance (Full Movie) -
Closed (Full Movie) -
Jamie & Shelley (Full Movie) -
Jamie's Brother (Full Movie) -
A Christian Practical Joke? (Full Movie) -

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