Fri. Apr 12th, 2024
Repeating it Delicately (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Animation Remake) [Paula Peroff]

A remake of Paula's and my first collaboration! Ah, how far we've come...

Check out the original: />
Edgeworth wants to tell Phoenix about a new development, but Wright has some notes...

[Note: Paula Peroff is the primary creator and rights holder of this video, made in collaboration with myself. All videos on this channel with Paula's name in the title are primarily her creation.]



Mornal Productions ain't your normal productions! This channel specializes in funny animated sketches and voice acting, based on game series ranging from the Ace Attorney franchise to Undertale and Deltarune. All sorts of comic dubs, comedy animations (made either by me in 3D or in collaboration with Paula Peroff), parodies, and impressions can be found. Hope you enjoy!

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