Sun. Apr 14th, 2024
SOMA: Data Recovery (supersecret stuff, game changes, scrapped content, development)

Frictional Games' SOMA comes packaged with a supersecret zip file containing artwork, design documents, and videos from the game's development process. I wanted to show this off, but not just drop a bunch of jpegs set to music. So, I dove into SOMA's texture files, 3D models, and sound files as well, piled everything together, and tried to paint a picture of what SOMA was going to look like earlier in its development, what was changed, what was dropped from the game, and so on. All the music in this video is straight from SOMA's game files as well, including some unused tracks. Hope you enjoy.

The March 2013 Vertical Slice video included in the zip file is uploaded to my channel and has annotations to provide more context:

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