Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
The Current State of Every Capcom Franchise

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Capcom has become one of the biggest game developers in the whole world, publishing now household names such as Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and the iconic Street Fighter. Alongside these now legendary franchises, there are plenty of others, some lesser known and some even forgotten. In this video we will look to discuss and figure out, what exactly is the current state of every single Capcom Franchise.

Intro: 0:00
The Start of a new Era: 1:36
Vulgus: 1:58
194X: 2:48
Commando: 3:58
Ghosts n' Goblins: 5:00
Gargoyles Quest: 6:40
Maximo: 7:25
Bionic Commando: 9:49
Street Fighter: 11:55
Street Fighter Alpha/EX: 15:23
Mega Man: 16:50
Mega Man X: 18:48
Mega Man Legends: 19:39
Mega Man Battle Network: 20:43
Mega Man Zero: 21:42
Mega Man ZX: 22:30
Mega Man Star Force: 23:19
Strider: 24:22
Final Fight: 25:59
Breath of Fire: 27:38
Darkstalkers: 29:00
Resident Evil: 30:40
Resident Evil Survivor: 31:57
Resident Evil Outbreak: 32:18
Resident Evil Revelations: 32:46
Star Gladiator: 34:13
Marvel vs. Capcom: 35:03
Rival Schools: 36:21
Power Stone: 37:42
Dino Crisis: 38:55
Capcom vs. SNK: 40:14
Onimusha: 41:54
Everblue: 45:02
Devil May Cry: 46:10
Ace Attorney: 48:12
Ace Attorney Investigations: 49:20
The Great Ace Attorney: 49:55
Steel Battalion: 50:52
Viewtiful Joe: 52:13
Monster Hunter: 53:28
Full House Kiss: 55:38
Sengoku Basara: 56:10
Okami: 57:21
Dead Rising: 58:43
Lost Planet: 1:00:02
Dragon's Dogma: 1:01:48
Gaist Crusher: 1:03:57
Final Lists: 1:04:22

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