Sat. Jun 15th, 2024
type of digital marketers who have a bright future

In this video we will discuss the 8 high demand skills in Digital marketing. If you want to grow in Digital marketing industry and have a high paying job or skills, you need to learn most of these skills

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Data Science
2:55 Basic Tools
4:17 Automation and Data
6:38 Market Research
10:05 JavaScript and HTMl
13:58 Basics of Marketing
15:24 Open to learn

30 Digital marketing Tools:
Facebook and Instagram Audit:
8 Things to consider in your strategy:

Google Cloud:

Best Selling Courses:
Our Digital Products:
Assets for my videos come from here:
Website Research:
My Favorite Screen Recording tool:
Personal Instagram:
Best Selling Courses
Complete Programmatic course:
Digital Marketing fundamental course:
Meta Ads Course:
Google Ads Course:
DV360 Course:
Best Selling template: Link to be updated

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