Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
Wednesday Addams

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All pictures used in this video made by me using and trying different prompts putting a lot of my personal effort and mywork in Midjorney. I am Ai-artist, helping, generating ai images and then comparing them to the original.

All my video features materials protected by the Fair Use guidelines of Section 107 of Copyright Act. When creating such videos I first searching names of the character and locations, then trying different prompts to create every image, and then choose the best variant. If image don't fit what i expected, i change prompts and trying more and more before it become good-looking. Then i add some decription for every image on video and putting it in the right, chronological order. It takes at least 4 hours to create these videos so that my viewers can feel the difference between the
original video and the video I created.

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Lagu. Monster - Wednesday Addams Family
Song Monster How Should i feel
#wednesday #addamsfamily #monster

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