Western VFX Short Film ** THE SHOW ** Action CGI Movie and Making-Of by ArtFX Team [PG13+]

Western VFX Short Film ** THE SHOW ** Action CGI Movie and Making-Of by ArtFX Team [PG13+]

[PG13+] Enjoy Western VFX Short Film ” THE SHOW ” CGI Animation by ArtFX Team. Stay Tuned for the behind the scenes making of and Recommended Western Films after the credits. Featured at https://madartistpublishing.com/blog/vfx-cgi-western-short-film-the-show-artfx-school

FILM SYNOPSIS: “The stage is only there to reveal that it is only a show”. Jacques Lassalle

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THE SHOW (2016) Action, Western, PG14A
Produced at ArtFX -- http://www.artfx.fr/en/
Artfx Youtube at https://bit.ly/2S3rTLi
Film info at https://vimeo.com/173326825

FILM CREDITS: Directed & Animated by Hadrien OTTEVAERE, Simon AUQUIER, Cécile CAZES, Yann MADEC

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