What Diet is Best for Fitness, Health, Athletes and Running a Marathon?

A presentation by Jake Garvin.

How can you eat to be so fit that you can run a marathon? What about Kenyans, Ethiopians, and the mysterious Tarahumara super-athletes? Were we “Born to Run?” Did we evolve as
persistence hunters to eat meat? Are carbs good or bad? Where do you get your protein? Is saturated fat okay after all? What about coconut oil and soy? How can you lose fat and get fit? What foods can you eat to improve your running? Find out the secret! How in the world did Jake Garvin run a marathon carrying a hundred pound log, and a barbell!

Jake will give the answers to these questions and more!

J. “Jake” Garvin has a Bachelor of Arts degree (1986) in psychology including biopsychology in the biology & chemistry of the human brain, from Cornell University. He is a member of MENSA (in the top 2 percent of the population in IQ). At Cornell, he worked in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at the renowned Lipid Laboratory of Donald B. Zilversmit. He co-authored “Fractal curves and complexity” (1987), published in the peer-reviewed journal “Perception & Psychophysics,” which is now used in modeling angiogenesis and tumor growth in cancer research. After graduation he worked as a computer consultant at NEC in Tokyo, and currently is a science and technology consultant in Honolulu. He started running the Honolulu Marathon in 2012 carrying an immense log of nearly 100 lbs., and has run every year since carrying a log, barbell, or cement blocks, to raise awareness that meat is linked to cancer, and to prove that vegans can not only have endurance, but great strength and muscle mass, too.