Wed. May 29th, 2024
WordPress FREE Hosting on Google Cloud | f1-micro instance

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting:

This video will be focusing on installing WordPress on Google Cloud Platform completely Free. I will also demonstrate to you on how to install Free SSL certificate, purchase a new domain on namecheap, connect the IP address to the new domain, install a new plugin, change the default theme and more.

00:00 Introduction to Free Hosting
02:39 Create Google Cloud project
05:22 Decide which WordPress to install
15:50 Google Cloud always free
17:38 Deploy WordPress for free
22:14 Create a new post
23:40 Buy a new domain
24:57 Reserve static IP address
26:55 Connect domain to WordPress
33:28 Install free SSL certificate (https)
42:11 Remove Bitnami banner
47:24 Install Really Simple SSL plugin
47:57 Enable write access to wp-config.php
50:06 Change WordPress default template
52:39 Change website name and tagline
53:57 Import demo content

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