Baby Bootcamp – Full Movie

Baby Bootcamp - Full Movie

‘Knocked Up’ meets ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’

When super cute fitness instructor Julia Penman turns thirty with no husband prospect in sight, she vows to start a family of her own – with or without a man – that is, until adorable widowed father Scott joins her Baby Boot Camp. The single father of two quickly wins Julia’s heart when her sister enlists the cash strapped Julia to help Scott out as a part-time nanny. Thinking it will be a breeze Julia realizes it is anything but when she gets a crash course in her own baby boot camp trying to learn how to care for Scott’s one year old and seven year old daughter Charlotte who is still quietly mourning the loss of her mother. Seeing Julia as a threat to her mother’s memory, Charlotte does everything possible to try and sabotage Julia’s role as part time nanny and hopeful love interest to Scott…

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