Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023
Evolution of Hungarian World News Intro 1938-1944 (Magyar Világhíradó)

I don't know the exact dates of when these intros were used, so I wrote the dates of the historic events they're referencing.
The last one is kind of an odd one out, as it's not a continuation of the previous world news series, but I felt like including it since these simple animations alone give a pretty good idea of Hungary's involvement in WW2.
The song in most of them is 'Rákóczi induló', last one is 'Ébredj magyar'.

0:00 Until November 1938
0:35 November 1938 - March 1939
1:01 March 1939 - August 1940
1:28 August 1940 - April 1941
1:55 April 1941 - March 1944
2:22 March 1944 - October 1944
2:50 From October 1944

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