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Gregorian Chants From A Monastery | Christian Music For Spiritual Meditation

Immerse yourself in the mystical and peaceful atmosphere of a monastery with this collection of mesmerizing Gregorian chants. These ancient chants, sung in Latin, have been used for centuries as a tool for spiritual meditation and reflection.

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🎶 The Ancient Gregorian Chants
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➤ Music by:
Schola Gregoriana Mediolanensis
Director: Giovanni Vianini
From the album "Messe in canto gregoriano"
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℗ 1993 La Gloria / Rusty Records

00:00 Missa cum jubilo - Kyrie
02:17 Missa cum jubilo - Gloria
05:46 Missa cum jubilo - Sanctus
07:34 Missa cum jubilo - Agnus Dei
09:06 Missa orbis factor - Kyrie
10:46 Missa orbis factor - Gloria
14:15 Missa orbis factor - Credo
18:56 Missa orbis factor - Sanctus
20:44 Missa orbis factor - Agnus Dei
22:05 Missa de angelis - Kyrie
24:11 Missa de angelis - Gloria
27:21 Missa de angelis - Credo
32:03 Missa de angelis - Sanctus
34:07 Missa de angelis - Agnus Dei

➤ Whether you are a longtime fan of Gregorian chants or simply looking for a new form of relaxation, this collection of beautiful and haunting melodies is sure to leave a lasting impression on your mind and soul. Tune in and let the timeless beauty of these sacred chants guide you on your spiritual journey.

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