Kamondy Ágnes – Koreai film, magyar felirattal // Live 2019 // A38 World

In 2019 A38 World recorded the live concert footage of this song called Koreai film, magyar felirattal performed by Kamondy Ágnes . Performers: Kamondy Ágnes – Ádám Rita, Roszik Hella, Darvas Benedek, Keszei Krisztián, Vajdovich Árpád, Gyenge Lajos – Dudás Zsombor. Watch the full concert here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCQ4S23spE5BvFS75FE1QQfF6PeWtyxIo />
Just like the Danube on which it floats, the A38 Ship doesn’t care about borders or (language) barriers – this has been proven by the well-earned international frame of the venue, and also by the colorful origins of the artists it hosts: Jamaican reggae-dancehall legend Lee “Scratch” Perry, Japanese psychedelic rock heroes Acid Mothers Temple and Tamikrest from Tuareg are just a few examples. The musicians of different nations also bring the traditional instruments and sounds of their home. It’s not a surprise that A38 Ship was one of the selected venues to host the world’s biggest music expo, WOMEX 2015 in Budapest. A38 World – where music knows no boundaries. Subscribe to this channel:
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