Sat. Apr 13th, 2024
Little Live Pets | Mama Surprise | How To Care & Play

Learn how to care for and play with Mama Surprise - your new guinea pig family!

New from Little Live Pets, it's Mama Surprise!

Mama Surprise takes caring for your pet to a whole new level. This soft, interactive Mama guinea pig comes with a deluxe, interactive hutch. Care for Mama by feeding her and brushing her long, beautiful hair with the accessories provided.

With enough love and attention, Mama’s heart will start to glow, indicating that a baby is on the way! Gently place her inside her interactive hutch. Now it’s time to wait.

Discover a new-born guinea pig baby and a special care package. Care for Mama again and you will find new guinea pig babies to complete your adorable, guinea pig family!

There are 3 adorable babies to discover, each with their own care package that includes: a birth certificate, 2 accessories, and 2 hair elastics. Dress and style up the babies into 3 cute looks: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Preppy and Princess babies!

This magical experience is repeatable, so that you can go through the surprise and delight of caring for Mama and discovering her babies, again and again.

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Unboxing Mama Surprise: 0:00
Setting Up Mama Surprise: 1:12
Caring For Mama: 2:26
Reloading Your Hutch: 4:21
Troubleshooting Mama Surprise: 4:58

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