Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
LIVE: Trump OUT OF CONTROL Maniac, CRASHES and BURNS in Courts | Legal AF

Ben Meiselas and Michael Popok are back with a new episode of the weekend edition of the LegalAF podcast. On this episode, they discuss: the NY Civil Fraud case against Trump and Trump World, including the lack of any real defense raised by the testimony of Eric or Don Jr., and the Court imposing a gag order on the Trump lawyers bashing his law clerk; developments in the DC Election Interference case as Trump tries to delay the March 2024 trial, including an appeals court temporarily staying the gag order Judge Chutkan imposed on Trump at least until the end of the month as the Judge decides whether to dismiss the case based on immunity grounds; the Mar a Lago criminal trial, as Judge Cannon fumbles around and creates her own grounds to delay the trial; the likely outcome of the various state court proceedings attempting to determine if Trump should be kept off the ballot, and so much more from the intersection of law, politics and justice.

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