Sci-Fi Short Film “Black Hole” | DUST | Online Premiere | Starring Aaron Moorhead

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When a miniature black hole shows up in a man’s house, he has to learn to deal with it. But as time passes, his obsession with the anomaly grows, and he begins to dance with danger as he utilizes it in his every day life.

“Black Hole” by Jamie Parslow

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More About “Black Hole”:
When Eddie finds a miniature black hole in his house, he’s compelled to find out why it’s there. But as the anomaly takes up space within his home, eventually eating his cat and his friend, he’s compelled to simply live with the hole, slowly becoming obsessed with its presence, taking possession of it as his own. However, as the black hole weighs on him over the course of its time in his residence, it slowly eats away at him and his psyche, until one day, it swallows him whole and inverts his reality, losing everyone and everything he’s ever loved or cared about.

“Black Hole” Credits:
Jamie Parslow – Director, Writer

Cast –
Aaron Moorhead…Eddie
Leo Camacho… Harvey
Alexa Cappiello… Emily
Fred… The Cat

Produced by
Reid Nicewonder… executive producer
Evan Zissimopulos… executive producer

Music by
Dan Martinez… composer

Cinematography by
Evan Zissimopulos… director of photography

Film Editing by
Jamie Parslow

Production Design by
Ryan Berman

Art Direction by
Jo Crandall

Production Management
Kaitlin Cornell Krusoe…production manager

Assistant Director
Kaitlin Cornell Krusoe… first assistant director

Sound Department
Nick Hernandez… sound
Joe Holotik… sound
Matthew Reisinger… re-recording mixer / sound designer

Visual Effects by
Aaron Moorhead… visual effects
Roger Nall… visual effects

Camera and Electrical Department
Franky Bifulco… key grip
Jesse James Carlson… gaffer
Drake Escrofani… grip

Bonnie Jean Koenn… Set Photographer

Fred Sullivan… assistant camera
Drew Suppa… camera operator

Script and Continuity Department
Teena Phoenix… script supervisor

Additional Crew
Shane Brady… production assistant
Megan Cobb… animal provider
Nic Goans… production assistant
Arion Lapuz… Set Photography
Ashley Marie Madison… production assistant
Shauna Mahoney… production assistant
Andrew Renslow… production assistant

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