Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Sci-Fi Short Film “NOTHING” | DUST

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An astronaut returns from a multi-years space travel.
Nothing is about dedication.
Nothing is about a quest for finding a better place to leave.

"NOTHING" by Theo Gottlieb

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"NOTHING" Credits:
Written and directed by Théo Gottlieb
Produced by Hugo Legrand-Nathan, Jiří Heršálek, Théo Gottlieb
Production company Birth and Boogiefilms

With Ilona Fejér Wiss

Original soundtrack by Jonathan Fitas

Director of photography Théo Gottlieb

Editing by Théo Gottlieb

With Barry Abdoul Gadiri, Jaroslava Třečáková, Zuzana Brtonová
Voices of Gabriel Chirouze, Camille Pellicer

Visual effects by Théo Gottlieb
Sound design and mix by Laura Debril
Recording studio by Hook

Production designer Anna Pospisilova

Sound-engineer Jakub Chech

Costume designer Martin Polak
Hair and make up Eva Schwarzova

Key Grip Jiří Trousil
Key Light Vladimír Smejkal

Associate Producers Tristan Beraud, Arthur Emorine, Yohan Ungar

Boogie Films
Executive Producers Jiří Heršálek
Line Producer Oldřich Havelka
Production Manager Kateřina Kratochvílová
Production Coordinator Markéta Janečková
Location Manager Martin Velinger

Producer and CEO Hugo Legrand-Nathan
Film Producer Lila Graffin
Administration Laurence Khalil
Production Assistant Hana Mekacher

Camera Rental VANTAGE
Light Rental Light services
Talkie Walkie Radios Rental

Theo Gottlieb Special Thanks NASA, Socialclub

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