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With the help of her AI dog, a sixteen year-old girl must get her sick mother to another planet where a better life awaits.

“Strong” by Jean Lee

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More About “Strong”:
Superterra is the land of hope, abundant resources, and medical miracles, but the planet’s only access point is a wormhole, which the government strictly controls and regulates. Strong (Nancy Talamantes) is a scavenger of astronautic technology, building a shuttle capable of interstellar travel. This is all for the purpose of taking her sick mother (Jacqueline Garrido) off-planet because the planet Earth no longer has the medical resources to save her. When the government of Superterra announces its plan to close all access to the wormhole in the name of border security, Strong and her mother, with the help of their robotic navigator Spark Pug (Ricardo Moreno Villa), must attempt to make the journey before their time runs out.

“Strong” Credits:
Executive Producer: Jon Avnet, Andrew Kelly, David Whitehouse
Cast: Nancy Talamantes, Jacqueline Garrido, Ricardo Moreno Villa, Matt Fowler
Director of Photography: Mitchell Arens
Production: Designer Kelly Fallon
Edited by: Imran J. Khan
Associate Producers: Nico Sato, Nick Cofino, Brett Miller
Music by: Arturo Cardelús
Casting Director: Barberella Pardo

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