Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Trains for Kids | Steam Train, Electric Train and Toy Train | Speedie DiDi Trains for Toddlers

This is a trains for kids video where toddlers will learn about various trains including steam train, electric train and by playing with a toy train, seeing real train videos, a train cartoon and Speedie DiDi. In this educational trains for toddlers video with Speedie DiDi, your children will see a steam toy train and then a real steam train, as well as an electric toy train and then a real electric train as part of real-life train videos. Speedie DiDi plays with a giant train set and learns about the driving rod, chimney and the train station. This trains for kids video also teaches about railroads, tracks and the various parts of a steam train. There are various toy trains that Speedie DiDi looks at as well. After the steam train, we move onto the electric train and look at electric train toys, cartoon train and real electric train videos for kids. Speedie DiDi discusses the differences between the steam train and electric train. We then proceed to learn about bridges and how they are used by trains. The electric train is unable to cross a large pool of water, and we are forced to install a bridge. We play with the toy trains for toddlers and help the electric train get on the new bridge we built. We then look at real train videos of locomotives crossing a bridge. At the end of this video we learn about a train in tunnel. We show the toy train passing through a tunnel on the large toy set because there is a huge mountain in the way. Speedie DiDi then shows children various real train in tunnels videos, so your toddlers see how trains work under different circumstances. This is a great video for kids and toddlers to learn about trains!

Speedie DiDi creates fun and educational kids videos for kids, that children of all ages can enjoy. Pretend Play helps develop your child’s imagination and creativity. Thank you for watching!

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