Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Try these if you’re looking for privacy in your backyard!

Landscaping for screening and privacy is a huge for homeowners. If you are looking for privacy screening for your home, watch this! I've recently found Eagleston Hollies and I'm hopeful it will give us privacy and beauty for many years to come. I’m in Savannah, GA coastal zone 8b - Eagleston Hollies do well in zones 6-9

I planted this hedge along my fence with four hollies in a way that allows me to have under plantings. The idea is to soften the fence, add some height, beauty and privacy. I'm excited to watch this screen grow, watch the birds visit the hollies for their berries and get a nice screen and privacy. If you are looking for a screening and privacy solution you've got to watch this.

If you're looking for privacy with outdoor curtains - watch this video!

Want to learn more about hydrangeas?

Watch about my autumn cherry tree which I bought from

Landscaping for screening and privacy (Eagleston Hollies):

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