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Western Movie | The Sundowners (1950) Robert Preston, Robert Sterling | Subtitles

He was a target for every man's bullet ... and every woman's kiss !
Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of feuding ranchers in the old west.

Original title: The Sundowners (1950) AKA: Thunder in the Dust

Director: George Templeton
Writers: Alan Le May
Stars: Robert Preston, Robert Sterling, Chill Wills & John Drew Barrymore
Genres: Classics, Drama, Western

A Murder Mystery Unravels as a Stranger Arrives in Town

00:00 Full Movie
02:23 🤔 Tom is confronted about a murder and a stranger arrives in town.
11:04 🤔 A man named Kid Wichita is accused of killing someone named Juan, but he denies it and the witness doesn't recognize him.
18:44 🤠 Conflict arises between two parties over stolen cattle and a murder.
25:46 🤠 Tom and Wichita have a conversation about their past actions and the consequences they have faced.
39:20 🎶 Wichita visits Earl's house and torments him with a song before being asked to leave.
47:51 ⚖️ Tom is caught in the middle of a conflict between John Gall and Kid Wichita, and he must decide who to side with.
50:59 🤔 Tom and Wichita discuss the dangers they face and the need to keep Earl away from Wichita.
56:30 🔫 Tom is being accused of killing Elmer Gaul and is being pursued by the law and John Gall.
1:19:05 🔫 Tom is determined to confront Wichita and take him in for the murder of Earl Boyce.
1:20:37 🔫 A tense conversation about guns and betrayal.


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