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White Fang and the Gold Diggers (1975) Spaghetti Western | Subtitled

Sandy Shaw inherits the "Eagle's Nest", a gold mine in Canada's far north. He moves there with his young son, Rick and faithful dog Whiskey but soon finds a deadly enemy in Taft, who wants the mine for himself. When things are complicated by the arrival of Sandy's proxy bride, revenge and greed collide and violence is the inevitable result.

Original title: La spacconata (1975)

Director: Alfonso Brescia
Writers: Giuseppe Maggi, Edgar B. Cooper, Piero Regnoli
Stars: Robert Woods, Ignazio Spalla, Franco Lantieri
Genres: Italian Cinema, Adventure, Comedy, Western

Summary: A Man and His Son's Journey to Nid d'Aigle, Tensions, Humorous Banter, and Dangers Await in Their New Home

00:00 Full Movie
04:43 🗒️ A man and his son are traveling to a place called Nid d'Aigle, encountering various obstacles along the way.
09:42 🦜 A man and his parrot engage in humorous banter while discussing their living situation and potential riches.
18:04 🔥 A man and his son receive advice and a warning about the dangers they may face in their new home.
30:54 🗒️ A group of people discuss their new roommate and play poker, but are interrupted by the arrival of Donovan's men.
39:08 🎉 A woman attends a wedding and is confronted by a man who claims she cheated on her husband.
48:04 🔍 There is a large gold deposit in the Nid d'Aigleil mountain and the characters are planning to exploit it.
58:34 🌙 The group discusses their plans for the night and Sandy asks Connie to be his mother.
1:09:38 📜 The group encounters various challenges and mysteries while trying to help Connie
1:26:42 🔫 A confrontation between X and Donovan leads to the discovery of gold.


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