Q&A with Caroline Girvan | Health, Fitness Life and YouTube

This is just a wee chat covering some of the questions I have received!

I hope you enjoy this sit down answering some of your questions!

Thank you in advance for joining me.

1:10 Who records the workouts?
1:33 Do you have a team?
2:55 Flowers to outfits or outfits to flowers?
3:11 What equipment did you use to get started on YouTube?
4:17 Who takes your photos for the thumbnails?
4:32 Why do you do body splits?
6:01 Why is your HIIT only once per week?
7:23 Why is there no breaks in your Cardio Workouts?
7:57 Why repetitions?
8:58 Are these workouts for everyone?
9:44 What is your favourite training day?
10:27 What are your favourite exercises?
10:45 What are your favourite sports brands?
12:06 What size of clothes do you purchase?
12:43 How often do you spend stretching?
13:08 Can you provide warm ups specifically for upper body?
13:37 How often do you run?
14:12 What other exercise do you do?
15:09 How important is rest?
15:42 How often do you wash your hair?
16:11 What is your favourite takeaway?
16:27 What are your favourite foods?
17:08 What might you eat in a typical day?
20:29 Do you count calories?
21:15 Hardest and best parts of what you do?
23:04 What’s your opinion on YouTube reviews?
24:19 Why do you not use clickbait to gain more views?
25:22 What is your opinion on ‘body trends?’
27:22 Any advice to new creators?
28:02 Plans for the future?
28:42 Typical day in your life?
30:06 Up next?

Below is a link to the first Q and A video in which I cover a range of different topics if you are new here! Welcome!


Here is a link to the simple 20 minute stretching routine I would aim to do usually once per week.

All you need is your mat!


As I had mentioned in this Q and A, I am working this week on something coming up soon so even though I am not recording workouts, I will be training!! I plan to revisit some of my favourite workouts! Below is a link to the playlist and will be in order that I will complete them!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhu1QCKrfgPW3Fm_b255kpmvZyGlCHxGE />
Tomorrow it will be shoulders, Tuesday leg day circuits, Wednesday ‘Killer’ upper body workout, Friday a strength session of the full body that’ll get your heart rate up too and Sunday dumbbell HIIT!

I will be working on what is coming next so make sure you are subscribed and turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss any updates!



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